California Theatre Center (CTC) is a professional, not-for-profit theatre company that brings theatre training to life in its renowned Education Program for youth!

CTC's educational goal is to offer a positive atmosphere in which young people can gain an appreciation and love of the arts. CTC's Education Programs are process-oriented and allow students to learn that theatre is a collaborative, team-building experience. Students are guided by professional CTC artists to focus their creative energy on a multitude of theatrical exercises and topics to learn and develop skills for expression, thereby building self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Summer Conservatories:
Advanced and Intermediate
Core and Junior



During the school year, CTC offers special interest theatre classes in our classroom in Sunnyvale for students of all ages. These classes cover a wide range of topics and are open to the  public. Classes vary in length and ability level. Past classes have included Story Theatre, CTC Glee, Improvisation, Magic, and more.

Theatre FunShop Class Schedule
Great Spring Musical


During the summer, CTC offers Summer Theatre Conservatory classes for ages 5 and up at various locations in the Santa Clara Valley
Junior Summer Conservatory 
CTC's Junior Conservatory is a morning program designed to introduce the concept of making plays. In this active but non-threatening environment, the students engage in theatre exercises and present a short play for family and friends on the final day. (Students must be age 5 by January 1, 2013.)

Junior Conservatory Schedule

Core Summer Conservatory
CTC's Core Conservatory is a full day theatre intensive for students with or without prior theatre experience. Students work hands-on with CTC's professional actor-teachers in acting, movement, and voice classes. All students are cast in a play that is performed for the public on the last two days. In addition, they design and build all props, sets, costumes, tickets, and programs. Includes 4 tickets to Summer Rep, CTC's professional repertory season of plays. (Students must be 8 by June 1, 2013.)

Core Conservatory Schedule

Intermediate and Advanced Summer Conservatory
Intermediate prerequisite: minimum of one year of Core Summer Conservatory, age and experience, audition in January for placement.

Advanced prerequisite: minimum of one year of Core Summer Conservatory and one year of Intermediate Summer Conservatory, age and experience,
Audition in January for placement

Intermediate and Advanced Summer Conservatory runs as a mini-repertory company which produces 4-9 shows each summer. These programs are designed for students who would like to further develop their theatre skills. This Conservatory offers vigorous workshops and requires a high level of commitment from the serious theatre student. Auditions are held in mid-January. 

Intermediate and Advanced Conservatory Schedule

Leadership Team
Leadership Team prerequisite: at least one year of Advanced Summer Conservatory, by recommendation only

CTC’s Leadership Team is an opportunity for serious students in the Advanced Conservatory Program to participate more fully in the programs of CTC’s professional theatre company. Leadership Team members work directly with theatre professionals, focusing on three main areas: professional theatre training, development as a teacher of theatre and peer mentoring. 

If you meet the prerequisite and are interested in being a part of the Leadership Team this summer, please email CTC's Education Coordinator at


Prerequisite: completion of one Core Summer Conservatory

Students who have completed at least one Core Conservatory may audition to be considered for roles in CTC's professional productions. Auditions are usually held in October. Students rehearse evenings for 3-4 weeks and perform weekday mornings and Saturday mornings for several weeks. Although challenging, performing in a professional production is exhilarating as well; students will perform 25 or more times for sold out audiences!

If you meet the prerequisite and are interested in auditioning this Fall,
please email CTC Eduation Coordinator at


Prerequisite: completion of one Core Summer Conservatory

During the school year CTC offers Saturday workshops for students who have completed at least one Core Summer Conservatory in a variety of subjects to appeal to every young thespian and student of the theatre - the actor, technician and the designer. 

Saturday Conservatory Schedule


In-school residencies and after-school workshops are available for elementary, middle-school, and high school Theatre Arts Departments. Professional CTC actor-educators can lead your drama class in a variety of topics with both performance and technical emphases. Programs and subject matter can be customized for your school's needs and curriculum.

CTC can also direct your school's play or musical. CTC provides the director, choreographer, designer and technical staff, and will work with you to create a production of which the shcool and its students can be truly proud!

School Outreach Form


On selected Saturdays, for a small additional fee, audience members may stay after the show for an addiitonal 45 minutes for a talkback session with the cast and a demonstration or activity related to the show. 

PostShow PlayShop Schedule



CTC periodically offers a London Theatre Tour during the Presidents' Week school break in February. The tour includes lodging in London's West End, tickets to the top London productions, tours and much more!

If you are interested in the next London Theatre Tour,

please email the Administrative Director at



CTC’s Teacher Information page includes information on preparing students to attend a CTC production, study guides for our touring shows, frequently asked questions about school field trips and maps to venues in the Santa Clara Valley.

Teacher Information

If you have questions about any of CTC’s Education Programs,
please email CTC’s Education Coordinator at